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13-00010016-9 CAP 1uF 16V ELEC SMT 50REV1M4X5.5 ECEV1HA010SE 1992 12000 0.04
13-00407025-9 CAP 4.7uF 25V SizeB ELEC PANA: ECEV1EA4R7SR 11 0.54
13-10321250-3 CAP .01uF 250V 10% polyester film RADIAL 7.5mmPitch Panasonic ECQ-E2103KF 19 0.39
13-10400000 CAP .1uF 400V Metal Polyester radial Xicon 146-400V.1K 1 0.60
13-10421100-3 CAP .1uF 100V MET POLY 10% RAD 124 0.38
13-12100500-3 CAP 120pF 500V MICA 1 0.48
13-22100035-3 CAP 220uF 35V 10x13mm general purpose ALUM NICHICON UVX1V221M 37 0.42
13-22602016 CAP 22uF 16V OSCON 120mOhm 1.06A B6 16SVP22M 847 1.80
13-33205400-3 CAP .0033uF 400V 5% PLYSTR FLM 3502 0.18
13-33400550 CAP .33uF 50V 5% STACKED M/F PANA ECQVIH334J 199 0.54
13-47300050-3 CAP .047uF 50V 2% FILM PLYRAD 10mm pitch 39 0.89
13-68421630-3 CAP .68uF 630V Metal Polyester radial DME6P68K-F Cornell Dubilier 307 2.88

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